AC-21 Consultations

San Francisco AC-21 Consultation and Portability Lawyer

Are you a legal immigrant working and residing in the United States who desires, has requested, or foresees a change of jobs in the foreseeable future?

The legal tool to ensure portability within your chosen profession is the AC-21 consultation. I can help speed up that immigration law process at the Fariba Faiz Law Offices in San Francisco.

During your phone consultation with us, we’ll discuss your wishes and goals as well as legal considerations such as backlogs and adjustments of status. I’ll work hard to advocate for you with the government and use every workable method available under the law. I take a holistic approach to immigration representation. I administer to the “whole client.” Nothing will be left out of the hard work I do for you.

Contact my trusted San Francisco law offices to find out more about AC-21 consultations, to promote portability in switching jobs. The phone number to call for an initial consultation is 415.946.8810.

Experienced AC-21 Consultation Attorney for Your Unique Situation

Problems that could arise in AC-21 consultations and adjustments of status portability include:

  • Size of salary differentials
  • Indications that your new position would not be permanent
  • Revocation of your approved I-140 posture on the “adjustment of status” if you’ve already used AC-21

The language looks pretty bureaucratic, at first glance. I’ll guide you through this maze of red tape and technical terminology to put our best feet forward. Your sincere attempt at self-betterment calls for the proven legal leadership of an experienced and well-qualified immigration attorney.

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Getting in touch with my full-service Bay Area immigration law and AC-21 consultations firm couldn’t be easier. With one phone call you can set up your initial consultation with me, Attorney Fariba Faiz. Call today at 415.946.8810 to discuss your legal situation.