Citizenship and Naturalization

San Francisco U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization Lawyer

The citizenship and naturalization processes represent the centerpiece, the cornerstone, the crowning achievement of U.S. immigration law.

If your life’s goal is to become a full citizen of the United States, I want to do everything I can to help you, at the Fariba Faiz Law Offices in San Francisco. I’ve advocated for the hopes and dreams of people just like you in a respected immigration law practice that’s spanned more than 10 years.

Requirements for citizenship and naturalization can be some of the most complicated and troublesome of any area of immigration law. I’ll speak aggressively on behalf of you and your sincerity in wanting to become a citizen.

When you contact my Bay Area law offices, I’ll conduct your initial consultation over the phone and evaluate your citizenship and naturalization prospects. Call today: 415.946.8810.

Experienced Citizenship and Naturalization Counsel for Your Unique Situation

When you come to the Fariba Faiz Law Offices, you’ll receive solid counsel about the essential features of a naturalization application, in particular, the roles played by marriage, paternity, your parents’ citizenship and your military service, if any.

I will also gather documentation of your whereabouts for the first three to five years of your commitments here, and paperwork related to any criminal record you might be bringing with you. Filing fees, waiting periods and the results of FBI background checks are other factors that may need to be addressed.

Here’s what you can expect from my skilled law offices: attention to your legal needs, completion of all paperwork, attendance at your interviews, and my availability to help with any late-breaking concerns or apprehensions.

I want your bid for citizenship to have every chance to succeed, and look forward to discussing it with you during your initial consultation.

Is U.S. Citizenship Your Immigration Goal?

If so, call the Bay Area Fariba Faiz Law Offices at 415.946.8810. My immigration law practice may make a big difference in your life. The 10 years I’ve devoted to my clients’ goals are proof of that claim. Contact me today.