Employment-Based Immigration

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If you’re a professional with a bachelor’s degree and or equivalent, you may be eligible for an H1-B visa to work the United States. If you are an investor with a viable business plan, you might be eligible to enter the U.S. with an E Visa or an Entrepreneur-Based Green card. Depending on your qualifications, there are many ways to enter the country through employment-based immigration law.

At the San Francisco employment immigration law firm of the Fariba Faiz Law Offices, I can help with your employer or employee agenda. Providing effective immigration counsel has been my special focus over 10 years in the Bay Area.

I help companies in Northern California and throughout the United States hire the workers they need, and in turn assist talented workers attain legal status and work in the U.S. The visa category or immigrant visa for which you may be eligible could be subject to quotas, and may require labor certification. Contact me today to discuss your goals and how I can help you achieve them.

I’m an experienced immigration attorneywho brings years of service to your specific immigration problem and tailors my talents to fit your needs. My thorough, optimistic, holistic approach to immigration law affects the “whole client,” in the most comprehensive way possible.

For more information on permanent or temporary employment-based visas, see my Permanent Employment Visa page or my Temporary Work Visa page.

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Experienced Employment Immigration Services for Your Unique Situation

The Fariba Faiz Law Offices can help people acquire a temporary work visa or grren card to enter the country as:

  • Professional workers (graphic artists, architects, computer programmers)
  • Priority workers (professors, researchers, executives)
  • E- Visas
  • Investors
  • Religious workers (returning residents, commuters from borders, retired G-4 officers, foreign medical graduates, court dependents)
  • Skilled and unskilled workers

My satisfied immigration law clients encircle the globe: from right here in our own Bay Area backyard to areas such as the Georgian and Czech republics, Russia and Turkey, the United Kingdom and South Korea. Find out more during your phone consultation with the Fariba Faiz Law Offices.

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