I-9 Compliance

San Francisco I-9 Compliance Lawyer

If you’re an employer in California or elsewhere in the U.S., you are required by law to verify both the identity and employment authorization of your employees by virtue of the I-9 compliance form.

The Fariba Faiz Law Offices in San Francisco is available to monitor and sustain your I-9 compliance efforts. My 10-year track record of success for Bay Area employers is worthy of your trust.

Social Security, the IRS, the INS and the Department of Labor have been alerted to abuses of immigration laws. Consequently, a business could face fines or sanctions for I-9 non-compliance.

Don’t let it happen to you. I-9 non-compliance is simply bad business. Contact me today to head off any looming problems and correct your I-9 compliance issues. We’ll discuss methods of returning to compliance, and staying there, during your initial phone consultation at 415.946.8810. You can also reach us by fax and e-mail.

Experienced I-9 Compliance Attorney for Your Unique Situation

At the Fariba Faiz Law Offices, I can help your company’s human resources department to sustain your drive for continual I-9 compliance by performing services such as:

  • Completing a thorough I-9 self-audit for your company
  • Hiring and training managers and staff
  • Educating managers in the proper procedures for verification of employment authorization, and avoiding the appearance of unlawful discrimination
  • Devising a corporate compliance plan for hiring practices, authorization verification, reporting practices and annual self-audits
  • Ensuring that contractors and subcontractors act in direct compliance with required immigration-related provisions

Don’t shirk your employer responsibility. We can help you ensure you are in compliance and avoid a stiff fine or other sanctions for failing to maintain I-9 compliance guidelines.

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Your initial phone consultation with me will say a lot about what I can do for you and your goal of I-9 compliance for your Northern California company.

Call my law offices in San Francisco at 415.946.8810. You can also reach me by fax and e-mail. My meeting schedules can be made to fit your schedule and I return after-hours messages promptly. I welcome the opportunity to serve you.