Labor Certification / PERM

San Francisco Labor Certification and PERM Lawyer

Are you a foreign worker whose ultimate goal is that of someday permanently living and working here in the U.S.?

Do you need to find out more about the labor certification and PERM system guidelines before your dream can happen?

My full-service San Francisco employment-based immigrationlaw firm, the Fariba Faiz Law Offices, can help you pursue labor certification. From your employer petition to the Department of Labor to the resolution of that petition, you’ll know that your case is a top priority with me at all times.

Labor certification is one of the most frequently used and trusted methods for obtaining living and working status in the United States. I strive to educate, enlighten, and guide employers and employees alike through the sometimes-confusing maze of the labor certification process.

I’ve applied my years of experience in employment-based to immigration law in general, and foreign labor certification in particular, to multitudes of aspiring workers like you. Over my 10 years of dedicated service, I’ve encountered a broad cross-section of skilled workers including engineers, and high-tech professionals, doctors, specialty chefs, teachers, college professors, jewelry designers and foreign nationals with advanced degrees.

For astute answers to your timely labor certification and PERM-related questions, contact the Fariba FaizLaw Offices in San Francisco. A phone call to 415.946.8810 will lead to your initial consultation, in which I’ll listen to the details of your case.

Experienced Labor Certification Counsel for Your Unique Situation

One of my most important tasks at the Fariba Faiz Law Offices is to educate my clients on the area of labor certification, and to inform them about PERM: the Program Electronic Review Management system. I go about the hands-on work of completing your PERM application, and its filing with the U.S. Department of Labor.

When government guidelines affecting your prospective employer’s personnel are met, according to PERM, I draft and submit documents for your labor certification. If the job for which you’re being sponsored calls for an advanced degree or exceptional abilities, we’ll highlight those to the government as well, with an EB-2 classification.

Skilled workers with relevant postsecondary education for a job will qualify for an EB-3 classification. But don’t allow the “alphabet soup” that immigration law can become to confuse or frustrate you. I’ll put the lessons I’ve learned during my many years of experience to work for you.

When you’re ready to enlist the services of a respected labor certification attorney who can get results for you, contact our San Francisco law firm.

I stay flexible when it comes to days, times and venues for client meetings. I can acquire foreign language help if you need it and I return after-hours calls, faxes and e-mail messages promptly. You’re never “out of the loop” at the Fariba Faiz Law Offices.

Serving the “Whole Client” for 10 Years in the Bay Area

If your labor certification and PERM status is important to you, it’s important to me and my veteran San Francisco immigration law practice. Call the Fariba Faiz Law Offices today at 415.946.8810.